Windsurfing is not just a sport or hobby but a way of life, learning to windsurf will introduce you to new sensations, a whole bunch of new buddies, and a much better alternative to keeping fit at the gym.


Being on this page is the first step for your journey...take a deep breath and dive in!


Brogborough is an RYA recognised Training Centre. We run a full range of courses to cater for every need. Taster, Group Taster, RYA 'Start Windsurfing' and 'Fastfwd Windsurfing' courses.


2hr Windsurf Taster courses £50


when you want to try the sport for the first time, this is a good way to discover whether you like it. Taster courses are run from around May to October weather permitting.

The price includes the hire of wetsuit, buoyancy aid and board and rig, You will be given a short period on a land simulator to learn the basics before you try it on the water.

bookable weekdays, evenings or weekends.


group discount available Please contact us for price.


RYA 'Start Windsurfing' course £150.


You need to do these courses if you really want to take windsurfing up seriously.

There are two four hour lessons (two separate days), when you will be taught all basic aspects of the sport. From then on you will just need to practice, by either purchasing a board hiring kit, or taking advantage of our GETSETGO 

membership until you are ready to make a decision about the board and rig you really need, or upgrade to our ULTIMATE membership


We run these RYA courses seven days a week, and the price includes wet suit, buoyancy aid, board and rig.



RYA 'Fastfwd' Intermediate courses £150


designed to follow on from the 'Start Windsurfing' course. They teach you core skills that you can easily and progressively transfer from non-planing to planing conditions without learning new skills. Their introduction, based on observations and developments by Simon Bornhoft and Jim Collis, was a revolution in teaching windsurfing. Never before was it as easy as this!


8hr divided over two 4hr sessions


RYA Fastfwd (Non planing) £150


New techniques such as the beachstart and harness work will get you ready for the excitement of blasting control. Beachstarting and gybing are taught either as a separate clinic or within the course, tailored to an individual’s needs and the teaching environment. Most people achieve a basic non-planing carve gybe.


8hr divided over two 4hr sessions


RYA Fastfwd (planing) £150


Harness and footstrap techniques combined with our Fastfwd coaching improve your stance and get the board planing, giving you the exhilaration of speed and improved theory knowledge. Expect to polish your non-planing carve gybe and work towards the full-blown planing carve gybe.


8hr divided over two 4hr sessions


For more details

visit www.rya.org.uk/Windsurfing/Startingout or Contact us.

people learning to windsurf at broglake near milton keynes and bedford getting active sunny fun