The Brogborough RYA OnBoard and Team15 team is known as the 'Brogadoons'.


OnBoard is for complete beginners who progress to Team15 as they improve. Both groups will be on the water together and will join together for some activities, so that the transition to Team15 is seamless.


The 'RYA OnBoard' scheme, designed to encourage newcomers. Work through the RYA Youth Windsurfing Scheme, and aim to take everyone as far as they want to go.


'RYA Team15', is designed help those who want to improve their 
skills and enjoy windsurfing in our great club atmosphere for the longer term. Progressing through all the stages and becoming an assistant instructor 


Last year we had over 20 youngsters progress through several stages.


Team15 and OnBoard is for those ages between 9 and 15 and runs between May and September 


Please contact us if you wish to join the Brogadoons





Own equipment or hire member - £5 per session.


Non Members

£10 per session pay-as-you-go or £150 for the season, paid in advance (For the sessions from June 4th this 
is about £7 per session.)


Our Instructors and Safety Procedures

We work to the highest standards. All of our instructors are RYA qualified, and CRB checked, and 
the club is an RYA Training centre.

Our AALA license details are R1886/L9220.

If you run a school, scout, guide, or other child based activity then we can meet your needs.