Covid-19 Update 12/05 


I'm sure you have been eagerly watching developments as the Government looks to relaxing restrictions of the Covid 19 lockdown and how that might effect Windsurfing, Foiling, Winging and SUP'ing at Brogborough Lake.


Obviously, within a safe framework, we want to get these sports up and running as soon as we can.  We have studied the Government guidance document that was issued on 11/05/2020 and have been taking further advisement from the sports governing body, the RYA.  The RYA's position is important as the lakes insurances are provided through the RYA.  Happily, the RYA are keen for people to get back on the water, but strictly within a controlled environment.


We all know that you can now go sunbathe in a park, however it is a little more complicated for our sports.  Here is what we know at this point :


1) The government want to encourage us to do sports which benefit our health, physical and mental.

2) The goverment document has not specifically or generally address any watersports.  We are told that the RYA have been receiving clarifcation on this.

3) We understand that we will shortly be able to re-open member access to the water, subject to strict rules governing who does what, where and how.


Points to note :


At any time, the government could change the restrictions which could once again remove the ability to use the water.


We have significant tasks to perform to document efforts to ensure that activities carried out at Brogborough lake are as safe as possible.  We need to document these restrictions and communicate them to all users.  This simply will not happen in 24 hours.  We started the process last week, but the goalposts shift fast.


When the water is open for use, it will be just that.  All other facilities will remain shut. (with the possible exception of the outside toilet, which will NOT be used as a changing room.)


It will be Members only.  Arrive, rig/pump, sail/paddle, depart.  No friends, partners, non-participant children.


The government has specifically barred ticketed activities.  This removes day ticket sailing and SUP by non-members and any hire or loan of equipment.


Further to a risk assessment, We will be putting in place rules on parking, rigging and entering/leaving the water.


Once we have worked through all that we have to, we are hopeful that the site can re-open to members by Saturday 23rd of May.


There will be more rules than we are used to, but it is essential that everyone follows them for all of our benefit.


Please watch this space for updates over coming days and remember, until you have been specifically told otherwise,  The Water remains closed.

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