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Starting out in windsurfing can be both exciting and intimidating, especially when it comes to purchasing your own equipment. That's why we offer the Get Set, Go! membership at Broglake, which provides a cost-effective solution for beginners.

With the Get Set, Go! membership, you'll have access to fully planeable boards and the best trainer rigs to help you progress quickly. Plus, you won't need to worry about transporting or storing the larger, heavier boards required for learning.

This membership option gives you a solid starting point to build your windsurfing skills and confidence. And, if at any point during the year you feel ready for more, you can upgrade to our Ultimate membership. This will give you access to bigger sails and more advanced boards, allowing you to challenge yourself and become an even more skilled windsurfer.

At Broglake, we want to make windsurfing accessible to everyone, regardless of experience level or budget. That's why we offer a range of membership options to suit your needs and goals. So, join us today and experience the thrill of windsurfing at one of the best locations in the UK.

at only £299p/a it works out at less than £3 a day for hire. 

GetSetGo includes use of Starboard Rios, Primos and sails up to 4.5m every weekend only Subject to availability

GetSetGo! windsurf

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