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Foiling is the newest innovation in windsurfing and it promises to elevate your windsurfing to the next level [about 3ft higher].  The primary reason to get foiling is the pure unadulterated thrill it provides.  Many have tried but no one has succeeded in describing the sensation.  You have to try it to understand.









The other advantage it brings to the table is the ability to get planing [flying] with less sail.  By providing more lift from the wings of the foil and less drag once the hull of the board lifts, it is possible to fly at twice the wind speed in less than 10 knots.

The process of learning to foil is steep.  The first moments of flight are quickly followed by a huge splash but, after only a few hours on the foil, the length of sustained flight greatly improves and you begin to understand it.












Broglake is the perfect place for foiling with many now taking on the new discipline


When the winds are light with a foil you only need that little gust to get you up and going, it really does iron out the wind. 

For many only a foil is needed to turn your windsurf kit into foiling kit.  So treat yourself and have the potential to triple your time on the water planning. 

any questions or advice come and speak to Sam

We advise that you wear a buoyancy aid or impact vest and a helmet.
We insist that you wear wet boots.

You participate at your risk


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windfoil vs windsurf, foil vs fin windsurfig at broglake with friends
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