Wingfoiling is the latest sport to hit the waters, by taking the simplicity of the very light wing in combination with a foil and board people are now flying above the water in a entirely new way, providing the closest sensation to surfing possible without a wave. check out the videos on this page to be inspired. 

We welcome anyone already winging to come to us. 

Bring your own membership 

£300 p/a 

Day membership



We also have a beginner 130l 6' 6" board and extra large foil to hire, to be used with you own wing, the natural progression of most wing participants means these bigger boards are only desirable for the first few hours of practice before moving to a much smaller board,  save buying a beginner board and hire ours. 


Foil board and  foil.

1 hr hire £25 : 2 hr hire £40 :3 hr hire £50

We  also offer a large windsurf board with a dagger for the first hour or two of learning to wing.  the perfect platform of getting use to the behavior of the wing in the wind.  (requires own wing)

large windsurf board for use with own wing

£10 per hour 

wing fail jump.jpg
  • *No insurance is provided by BrogLake to cover you whilst equipment is hired. We expect those hiring to treat the equipment with respect. If minimal damage occurs whilst in use on the water, there will be no charge,

  • If kit is damaged by reckless behaviour and needs to be repaired the cost of the repair needs to be covered. 

  • By hiring and completing of our hire form you agrees to these terms.

  • Before using BrogLake's equipment and services, we will clearly tell you our safety guidelines, after which we waive responsibility for your actions. 

  • We reserve the right to assess the ability of each hirer before allowing them to use our equipment. If we believe your skill level is sub-standard, we are entitled to deny them use of our kit.