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Ultimate Windsurf

With ultimate membership, you will have access to Primos, Starboard Rios, Bic Beaches, Starboard Go’s and a whole fleet of Fanatic Geckos from 98 to 146 litres, perfectly 
suited to a huge wind range and individual sailor ability.

The sails range from 3.5 Dinos and 4.5 Drives to top of the range North Sail E types from 5 meters to  7.8 metres.

To purchase just one of these board and rig packages would be over £2000 new and
you would often be caught out with the wrong sail for conditions.

And don’t forget, the kit is ready rigged for you!

With unlimited membership you are free to use all equipment, all year round - during opening hours.


Make the most out of your time on the water with the right kit at the right time, only £600p/a or £50 monthly 12 month minimum term 




*On the more challenging days, we will use our discretion to assess whether we deem the conditions suitable for use of equipment.
* Please always make prior contact with us to ensure that kit will be available at the time you require it.  On occasional days, where kit is in high demand, there may be time restrictions per session to ensure fair usage and access for all members.
* Pre-booked arrangements will be honoured over a first-come first-served system.
* Careless or reckless damage to equipment will be fined accordingly.
 Failure to report damage may result in termination of membership.


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